Europe – ICNIRP Chair tells conference that ‘5G exposure will not cause harm’

A European regional symposium of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) included a session on 5G and EMF. The WHO explained that knowledge from existing technologies is applicable to 5G but recommends further mm-wave research. The ICNIRP Chair said that ‘we can operate 5G infrastructure without any risk to health.

Dr Rodney Croft, Chair, ICNIRP:

Croft discusses the updated ICNIRP guidelines and directly addresses several criticisms. He discusses ‘safety’ and asserts:
‘Society is very fortunate:

  • We can operate 5G infrastructure without any risk to health
  • Although the media may suggest otherwise, the science is very clear on this point’

Dr Emilie van Deventer, Head of EMF Project, WHO:

van Deventer outlines WHO activities including the Q&A on 5G and health, noting that ‘countries that have precautionary limits (well below thermal thresholds) may face difficulty deploying 5G.’ Concluding:

  • 5G represents a gradual extension of the wireless spectrum, and knowledge from current and past wireless technologies is applicable
  • The use of the mm-wave is not new, but 5G networks will bring greater exposure to the public (and workers)
  • Further research into possible effects on skin and eye at mm-wave frequencies is warranted’

“Electromagnetic Fields and 5G Implementation” session presentations: