ANSES seminar on 17 May 2017

A dozen projects were presented by their authors. ANSES also provided a current status report of the research since it took over in 2011.

At its seminar on 17 May 2017, ANSES explained in detail the motivation behind 45 projects funded under the PNR EST programme between 2011 and 2016. The issues the research teams address draw heavily on the knowledge gaps revealed in risk assessment work. They can be divided into three main categories: the characterisation of types of exposure, the study of health implications and electromagnetic hypersensitivity. The amount granted to this research equals roughly €9.1 million, or an average grant of €200k per research project. This research involved 133 research teams, 66 of which were completely separate. Among the partners are three main types of actors: research and higher education institutions (49%), healthcare organisations (12%), more technical bodies (23%) and engineering schools (7%). Half are laboratories in research institutions (30%).
The 12 projects are summarised in the participant case file. ANSES has also published a paper covering the main themes of the seminar, while also providing a reminder of the history of Radio waves.