objects present in all homes

Many household appliances produce electromagnetic fields: low consumption light bulbs, television and computer screens, electric radiators and even electric blankets. All of these common objects emit electric or electromagnetic fields and / or function by using them.
Let’s take a look around the house to identify the most common sources:

In the living room / office:

  • cordless telephones (DECTs): this is the most common type of cordless telephone in our houses. They use the 1900 MHz frequency band. They consist of a base and a handset that emit low energy radio waves
  • Wi-Fi boxes: Wi-Fi is used in the home to connect various household devices (computers, TV…) to each other or to the internet by using radio waves. Boxes regularly emit a very weak and very short ‘beacon’ signal and also when they receive or send content.

In the bathroom

  • hairdryers, electric razors, electric toothbrushes, hair removers… the electric current running through the motors in these devices generates an electromagnetic field of about 50 Hz, the equivalent of what we find in a plug.

In the kitchen

  • micro-wave ovens: they use the heating properties of radiofrequencies: water molecules in the food are reheated by absorbing the energy generated by very powerful radiation in a confined space.
  • induction hobs: they function using medium frequency magnetic fields that produce the heat needed for cooking.
  • but also in your toaster, your coffee machine, your mixer…In fact, in all the household appliances that you use for your daily needs and that function with the 50 Hz electric current in the home!