Radio waves in a professional environment

Radio waves used for telecommunications are part of the work environment: WIFI, DECT (wireless telephones), Bluetooth as well as emitters located on or near sites are employees’ main sources of exposure to radio waves. Also, for a better connection inside buildings, small auxiliary antennae may be installed.


These different applications comply with the regulatory and health frameworks applicable to public and private domains and guarantee that employees’ exposure, in France, complies with the labour code.
Technical staff other than those who work for telecoms operators (roofers, lift technicians, window cleaners, etc.) are considered to be among the public and therefore subject to general safety standards.

Operators and their subcontractors’ technical staff who are required to work on or close to antennae and network equipment must follow specific safety guidelines. These guidelines meet the specific regulatory requirements for workers who follow the ‘worker recommendations’ of the ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, recognised by the World Health Organisation). These staff are given information, training and guidelines and suitable protective equipment.