Advisory report by the Health Council of the Netherlands on 5G (2020/09/02)

No proof that 5G can be harmful; more research necessary

The Health Council of the Netherlands does not see any problems with the deployment of 5G in frequency bands up to 3.5 GHz and there is no reason to stop deploying it in this range of frequencies. This range has already been used for years for previous generations of telecom technologies (5G, 3G) and Wi-Fi. It recommends that exposure should be kept to the lowest possible levels.

It does however recommend doing further research into the 26 GHz high frequency band.  There is no indication that it is more dangerous, but it has not yet been researched enough to greenlight this spectrum.

In addition, the council recommends that in future we step up the research into 5G’s impact on cancer, reduced fertility, pregnancy, birth defects and other dangers resulting from exposure to radiation.

The summary of the report: