French Government’s report on the deployment of 5G: technical and health aspects

The report, released today, was able to draw on significant feedback and extensive scientific literature, including from an international perspective: 26 countries comparable to France have been studied, 21 of which have already launched 5G. 

The international comparative study on the assessment of health impacts by the various countries studied indicates that the health agencies that have commented on the topic say that, so long as the exposure limit values corresponding to current regulations are met, the health effects of 5G are unproven, while calling for further research, particularly on millimetre wave bands, and in particular 26 GHz, which will not be used in France in the short term. (As a reminder, the allocation procedure in progress in France only concerns the 3.4 – 3.8 GHz band).

The report also highlights that France has a robust exposure control system – especially compared with practices in other countries.