Review of recent advice of health authorities and scientific expert group on radiofrequencies – September 2014

The opinions of a total of ~35 expert groups and health authorities were published during the 2008–2014

The vast majority expressed the opinion that there was inadequate evidence for increased biological and health risks in humans exposed to RF fields emitted from wireless communication devices (and base stations in some reports).

Because of the absence of sufficient long-term RF exposure studies and in view of the long latency period for certain parameters, such as development of cancers and neurological diseases, almost all of the recent reports recommended pre-cautionary measures to reduce exposure levels (decreasing the number of calls, call time and using hands-free-devices).

Parents were particularly advised that their children should use mobile phone only when absolutely necessary.

This precaution was introduced, especially, after IARC evaluation of RF as a possible carcinogen in class 2-B.

Some reports have also mentioned that mobile phones play an important role in cases of accidents, malfunction of vehicles on the road, emergency, robbery, theft, etc.

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