The new Swedish report on electromagnetic fields (the 15th to date) covering research published between January and December 2019

April 2021: The annual report by the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority’s (SSM) Scientific Council on Electromagnetic Fields indicates that « no new established health risks have been identified », but that hands-free kits should continue to be used as a precaution. It recommends further investigations into topics such as oxidative stress and frequencies over 6 GHz.


For 5G

« The report did not assess any studies on the specific health risks of fifth generation mobile systems, known as 5G, as no studies of this type were identified. However, the 5G technology currently being introduced uses radio waves with frequencies near those that have been used by previous generations of mobile telephone for a long time. Research published up until now is therefore very relevant. For the higher frequencies that 5G will use in the future, other studies need to be performed, but no known mechanisms suggest that higher frequency radio waves would increase the risks. »