radio waves all around us

Simple everyday phenomenon

You come home and you turn on the light by pressing the switch and by doing so you are already in contact with waves! In fact, all electronic and electrical equipment commonly used in the home generates electromagnetic fields of varying strength. So, what waves are we really exposed to in the home?

The evolution of technologies on the one hand, that of our daily practices, uses and habits on the other lead to the creation of new electromagnetic fields, to which we find ourselves exposed even in our home.

Some radiation comes from outside – such as from base stations, radio and TV transmitters – but most of it comes from the electrical and electronic devices that each of us uses on a daily basis.

Feedback from decades of experience
Even if there is cumulative exposure to different sources of waves, the overall level is generally extremely low and is regulated by international standards (ICNIRP). Furthermore, the power of the signal diminishes very rapidly as we move away from the source. We are surrounded by electromagnetic fields every day, at home, at work and in the street… And this has been going on for decades. Even if today there are many more applications using electromagnetic waves, there are no proven adverse effects on health below the limits defined by the international directives